I have loved art and artists since my first grade art teacher introduced our 
class to the wonders of art through the images from the National Gallery of Art.
I received my degree in Art Education from Edinboro University, Pennsylvania.I have taught in public schools and given private art lessons.
I have enjoyed living in different areas:Pennsylvania,North Carolina,
Delaware ,Washington,California,Maryland,Florida and Hawaii.
I recently moved to Santa Fe,New Mexico,inspired by the skies and mountains of the Southwest.Growing up our family traveled across country many times,this brought out a wanderlust in me.There is always one more place I want to see or live in.
I have been involved in art/art groups and galleries where ever I have lived.Learning from other artists and being inspired colors,landscapes and people of each area.
I enjoy painting in solitude.Each work presents a unique challenge to be true to myself and create images that represent the beauty I see in the world.I strive to explore harmony,light,color and interconnection of inward life and outward nature.